The murderer pushed open the huge door,
And stood there transfixed unsure of his decision,
He caught his reflection on the shiny floor,
And was struck with a sudden realization,
How much he had changed,
He no longer had malice in his eyes,
He had visibly aged,
And he felt as if he’d shrunk in size.

He had come to church after fourteen years,
He could feel the evilness out of him seeping,
He felt something wet on his face,his tears,
And he just stood there unashamedly weeping,
He went to the confession booth,
And soundlessly slid inside,
He was here to say the truth,
For in God’s house you never lied.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
I now ask from you God,a little mercy,
Many lives I have ruined,
The light at the end of my tunnel,help me see,
I killed a helpless little girl,i deeply repent,
I am here to beg forgiveness,to purge my soul,
Which has been disfigured and cruelly bent,
It’s broken beyond repair,help me make it whole.

I know that to forgive is to love,
And to forgive is to care,
To forgive is to rise above,
And forgive is to share,
To forgive is to break free,
To forgive is to grant new life,
To forgive is to be on Earth,God’s deputy,
And to forgive is to end a person’s strife.

God knows everything,he heard the priest say,
For he keeps note of good and evil deeds of all,
Join me,together we will pray,
For you have been bowed,but you will once again walk tall,
It’s not that easy to forgive,
For your sins,you must atone,
With god in your heart you’ll have to live,
And will be forgiven,when Satan’s government in your heart is overthrown.

Father,today I start a new life,
A heavy burden has been lifted from my heart,
I’ll confess to my wife,
It’ll be a new start,
It was a huge task,could he do it? Oh yes,
He walked with a spring in his stride,
For he was on the road to forgiveness,
And already some of the evil in him had died.

He opened the door and froze,
Cops surrounded him,ready to shoot,
In him,a fear rose,
They wanted to destroy the evil’s root,
The guns fired with a thunderous roar,
He just stood there,not even trying to run,
He thought of the little girl as he hit the floor,
Forgive them God for they know not what they have done.

The girl’s last words came into his mind,
She had urged him to forget everything,to start anew,
She had tried to,the goodness inside him,find,
And before he killed her,she had said I forgive you.


I’ve been waiting!!

Desperately waiting for The Hobbit and Sherlock. What the hell are Percy Jackson and BBC thinking. C’mon people are waiting. And the amazing guy who plays Dr. John Watson on Sherlock is gonna play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Ain’t that awesome!!
Avi out!!

I came, I saw, I liked!

It is 11:51 PM in India and i have just joined WordPress. I have read an amazing amount of news lauding WordPress and finally decided to check it out. I also have a blog on to which i rarely post. I have decided to post regularly on WordPress and share with everyone my thoughts and musings on technology, gadgets and movies. I may also post on any other topic that may interest me or catches my attention! Signing out, this is Avjinder Sekhon.


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